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Cajal Club News:

The Cajal Club congratulates Carol Mason and Chris Walsh for being elected to the National Academy of Science!! 


The Cajal Club is co-sponsoring the Cortical Evolution meeting, in Las Palmas, Spain,June 4th-6th. In addition to a great program, Luis Puelles will be giving the Pinckney J. Harman memorial lecture.           Please click here for more information about the Cortical Evolution meeting.



The Cajal Club is pleased to have awarded the 2017 Krieg Cortical Kudos awards at the 2017 SFN Social.

 Please Click Here to See Pictures from The Cajal Club at SFN 2017.

This Years Awardees:

Cortical Scholar: Yanjun Sun
Cortical Explorer: Alexander Pollen & Tomasz A. Nowakowski
Cortical Discoverer: Elizabeth A. Grove

  Please stay tuned for updated Cajal Club Events