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Celebration of Women in Developmental Neuroscience Diagram

Cajal Club mini-conference at FENS


Registration for the mini-conference is now open for this event in Glasgow, UK:

Brief program description:

This mini-conference is organized by Cajal Club and will be sponsored by the FENS in the new Mini-conference format held on a Saturday just before the FENS Forum begins. The conference is inspired by three themes: First, Cajal Club-sponsored socials at SfN and meetings at other venues traditionally focus on the cerebral cortex. Here we will highlight advances in the several other model systems Cajal studied, with a focus on development. Second, we aim to celebrate women in science by showcasing women scientists, especially in Europe, who work on these systems. Third, we will give Fernando de Castro an opportunity to discuss his recent article, “The Women Neuroscientists in the Cajal School,” to bring together these themes. Each speaker will have the opportunity to talk about their personal journey in science and about their current work. This mini-conference should have broad appeal to FENS attendees.



SFN 2009 Cajal Club Social - Image 4

Cajal Club Social at SfN 2020


The program of the Cajal Social for the Washington SfN meeting has just been announced.



Cortical Development Conference 2020

Cortical Development Conference 2020


The Cajal Club sponsors the 2020 Cortical Development Conference in Sicily, Italy.



Cortical Evolution meeting in Toledo, Spain 2015, Image 1

A Dinner to Remember


The Cajal Club celebrated the 2019 Social with a dinner in Chicago.