In summary, all great work is the fruit of patience and perseverance, combined with tenacious concentration on a subject over a period of months or years. - Santiago Ramón y Cajal


The Cajal Club awards prizes in several categories. The Krieg Cortical Kudos recognize outstanding scientists working on the cerebral cortex, at three levels: the established investigator (Discoverer), the young professional who has received an advanced professional degree within the ten year period prior to the time of nomination (Explorer), and the recent PhD graduate no more than two years beyond obtaining their advanced degree (Scholar). In addition, the Cajal Club confers the Krieg Lifetime Achievement Award to individuals who have exhibited leadership in promoting the field of neuroscience or in supporting initiatives that have advanced neuroscience. The Cajal Club also recognizes important contributions made by neuroscientists by inviting them to give a keynote address, the Pinckney J. Harman Memorial Lecture, at one our scientific meetings. Finally, the Cowan and Palay Awards were established by the publisher of the Journal of Comparative Neurology, Wiley-Blackwell, and are presented at the Cajal Club Social, held at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting.

Dawn Hunter's Fulbright research documentary photographs of the Cajal cortical drawing above and in the thumbnail tiles is published on the Awards pages are courtesy of Dawn Hunter and the Cajal Institute, Cajal Legacy, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain.