Cajal Club – Chile: Abstract Page

All abstracts should be submitted to:

Please indicate, “Cajal Club Abstract” in the Subject line of the email.

Only Abstracts submitted by registered scientists will be considered for acceptance.

Instructions for Abstract Submission

  1. Abstracts must be submitted in Times New Roman font, 12 points.
  2. Abstracts must have all aspects of the research to be understood after reading. Each abstract must not be linked to another abstract or be pending at the time of presentation.
  3. Abstracts should be written for a general neuroscience audience.
  4. Abstracts must have a maximum length of 300 words, including all sections requested in point 5.
  5. Abstracts must be structured in the following way:
    • Header: which includes title, authors, email address, and affiliations(s) where the presented work was developed.
    • (Line break)
    • Abstract body, including:
    • Introduction: where the purpose or hypothesis of the study is clearly stated.
    • Materials and Methods: where the study model, intervention, experimental groups, technique(s) sample size(s), statistical analysis, bioethical considerations, as appropriate, are stated.
    • Results: where the findings are presented with the emphasis on the most significant ones for the study.
    • Discussion: where the main contribution of the study, its relevance and potential are summarized.
    • Acknowledgments: grants or foundations that sponsored the research.