2020 Krieg Cortical Kudos Winners

Scholar - Noelia Anton-Bolanos

Explorer - Mark S. Cembrowski

Discoverer - Linda J. Richards

 Theme of scientific presentation: “I can see clearly…”

New tissue-clearing methods have enabled viewing cells and circuits in neural tissues to an unprecedented extent. An expert in this realm is Alain Chedotal (Vision Institute, Paris) and he will speak on his application of clearing approaches and light-sheet microscopy in the visual system and human embryos. He will be joined by Viviana Gradinaru (Caltech), who has perfected viral labeling in combination with clearing methods. The session will be introduced by Jeff Lichtman (Harvard) who will reflect on these methods compared to other connectomics, the generation of data storage, and how the field will benefit from these approaches.

 The talks will be followed by an open discussion, during which audience participation will be encouraged. The 2020 Krieg Cortical Kudos Awards, the Wiley Palay award, and Brain Structure & Function award will be presented prior to the program.


The Cajal Club sponsors the 2020 Cortical Development Conference in Sicily, Italy.